Strategies to Improve Upsells and Promotional Sales & Turn Retail Workers into Successful Salespeople

Infographic: Improve Upsells and Promotional SalesWith more than 60 percent of shoppers choosing brick-and-mortar retail stores to see and try out items before they make a purchase, it's vital to turn retail workers into successful salespeople—but how?

In our latest infographic, “How to Encourage Upsells and Promotional Sales in Retail,” we take a look at strategies on how to upgrade your upselling including: 

  • Incentive rewards
  • Contests
  • Leaderboards
  • Scenario-style training
  • A focus on the customer

Arcade’s digital platform allows you to gamify the sales experience, set up rewards and recognition programs, and allow employees to communicate with each other via their smartphones.

Our clients experience as much as a 25 percent increase in add-on sales using our platform. 

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